Search Committee

Being an academic means serving on too many committees. But I am excited to be Chair of our BECA Search Committee, and I look forward to welcoming two new colleagues in 2018!

New Sounds

I have been creating new compositions by combining material from four decades ago with more recent works, and letting these combinations show me what to do. I call them Cutups. Cutups #2 is underway. Cutups #1 can be heard here:

Article Published

I am happy to report that my article “Into Sonic Space: Dark Ride, SF” is now available in the Journal of Media Education (JoME). This is an article that refers to my sound art piece of the same name. You can listen to the work on my site under Sound Art, or it is available […]

School Daze

I’m a professor, so that means school is about to gobble me up. Fortunately, I love it in spite of the challenges it brings. There’s a time issue, of course, when I have so many projects going on, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to develop relationships with so many new people, sometimes called students. I’m […]

New Project

Maybe not so new, as I started it in college some 40 years ago, but I’ve got a small grant to finally complete a radio documentary about the legendary drummer Kenny Clarke. He is known as the guy who put the “bop” in Beebop. I interviewed him in Paris in 1983, and I think I […] (again)!

My latest course on is now live and available for viewing (and listening)! Don’t use crappy audio in your video productions. Go here instead:

More on the Horizon

I’ve finally gotten the third Lynda course ready to go, and completed the two grant apps, and now I am looking ahead to several interesting projects. It’s too easy to stay too busy. I’ll have to work on that, too.

Lynda Course Two

Hey! Check out my second course on! Capturing Audio For Video is now live on

Tweet, tweet.

I have gone to the dark side and created a Twitter account, so, follow me on Twitter! @professornoize


My first course has gone live. Two more courses to follow soon. Do check them out! If you’re not a member yet, you can get a 10-day free trial here: <>. And once you’re signed up go to: Even if you don’t sign up you can see a number of the movies for […]